Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Off To The Lake We Go.

We don't spend as much time on the lake as we once did, but Mom's family was in from Louisiana, and we were doing what we could to keep them entertained. The lake was one of their requests.It was really too hot to enjoy it for long, but the day was getting late, and we thought perhaps the evening would be a bit cooler.It wasn't, so we didn't tarry long, but the 2 year old enjoyed himself anyway.We drove around the lake and stopped at Dog Creek.They have a spot that's roped off just for kids,where the baby could play safely.The trip did bring back memories of days gone by when Pop and I use to camp out at the lake a lot. It seems since we both retired, we are too busy to do any more camping.Pop vowed we'd try to spend a night or two doing just that before it gets too cold. We use to take the speed boat out and enjoy the lake and the sun, but I'm afraid those days are long gone. The pontoon will have to do.We can relax in our lounge chairs, sip our drinks by the moonlight, and watch the sun set on the lake.We'll pitch our tents and set up our camping gear,and cook a few meals out on the open fire, and relive it all through our memories.

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  1. I think the pontoon sounds great! It was so hot here today. Looking forward to a break in the heat next week.