Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can You Guess What I've Been Doing Today?

If you guessed canning green beans and tomatoes, you're right.Connie, over at Granny's Sewing Room, isn't the only one having to buy produce this year.I'd be willing to wager a lot of folks had a lot less produce from their own gardens this season, and have had to resort to buying from the Amish. It seems those folks have veggies galore no matter what.They must take lots of schooling on gardening. I hear the boys are allowed to drop out about the age of twelve to start working. I'll bet they do a lot a cramming during those few years, not matter what field they are studying. They are great carpenters,too. They built our house after the fire in 07, and did a wonderful job.
I didn't plan to can green beans this year, but I found some Tenderettes at the Farmer's Market, and decided to go on and get a 1/2 bushel.They are not our favorite when it comes to flavor, but they have no strings. Maybe next year we'll plant some Half White Runners or Horticultural Dwarf. I do love the flavor of those. With this canner today makes 54 pints of whole tomatoes. If Pop eats 1 pint a week, he will have enough to last all year, with 2 left over.He looooveeees cornbread with milk and tomatoes.He has to eat smaller portions now on account of his blood sugar, but he says life wouldn't be worth living without his cornbread and milk and tomatoes.(and cigarettes,I don't want to forget those.)

Oh,yes! Remember these?They are laying now. We suspected it yesterday when we got a much smaller egg in the days collection, but then today we are pretty much convinced. We go an even smaller one today in our days egg collection.The date the picture was taken of the chicks was 4/15/10.Today is 8/5/10. Is it possible they could be laying this soon?I'll need to do more research on that to be sure.I can't imagine why we would be getting those tiny little eggs otherwise.We have no bantam chickens.


  1. My hat's off to anyone who cans...and hunts eggs...and grows edible things... I grew up as such a suburbanite, but I know my life is headed in a more country-girl direction, so you are like a rock star to me :o)

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!!

  2. I still have a jar of peach jam I made last year with peaches I got in S.C. at a farmstand when we were driving back home from the beach. Homemade is just the best. :-)