Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're Being Invaded!

Don't get me wrong! We do enjoy watching wildlife from our porch each morning.But......the turkey population around here is getting ridiculous. Not only are the turkeys multiplying, so are the mites that they drop when they pass through. You cannot go anywhere on your property or anywhere else for that matter,without getting covered up with mites.When I was a kid, it was chiggers. Now it's ticks and turkey mites. I may have it all wrong. They may all be the same pest. If only we knew an entomologist.I do know one thing. The things you get when making a trip through your property,leaves you itching and scratching for days. And the scars they leave behind are forever.I was so concerned about getting Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever, or what ever it is that ticks carry,I had a blood test run when I had my last check up.Thank goodness nothing showed up.
One day this last week, a couple of hens and their young passed though our yard right at the edge of the garden.We counted at least a dozen young turkeys, with two mothers. I guess the grasshoppers are bringing them out into the open fields more lately. Thank Heaven,they are good for something.If only controlling those pesty grasshoppers to some extent.

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