Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hiding Out!

I  had a dental appointment today to have one tooth filled, since I had swallowed one of the teeth from my upper plate yesterday, I thought I would see if he could put in a new tooth at the same appointment.I should have known better. People in the medical profession rarely ever do more than one task at a time.It is a sad state of affairs. Once you could go in for a doctor or dental visit, and they would check everything that you could possibly have need of checking.Those days are gone forever.Now you must make a separate appointment for each individual need. Today I needed a filling. The fifth of next month,I will be having a tooth cut out by a surgeon. Tomorrow,at noon,I will pick up my upper dentures,since they kept them after I had finished my dental appointment this morning.Yes, you heard right. I had to come home without my upper dentures.You cannot imagine the stress I have been under over that. I tried to Hide Out all day, so no one would see me without my teeth.I'd rather Pop didn't even see me,but it was inevitable that I would have to face him, sooner or later,toothless.He didn't tease me too much, since he saw I was quite upset over it already.Thankfully,I didn't have to avoid any company today. The coffee drinkers did not show up, and a couple of insurance salespeople rang the door bell,but were gone by the time I got up from my nap and got to the door.I thought if I slept more today, the numbness from the filling would have time to wear off ,since I was unable to eat or drink for awhile,and the time would pass more quickly that way,too.Tomorrow,noon, is a long way off, when you are waiting to get your teeth back.

I had planned to visit Mom after my dental appointment, and possibly go by the chiropractor for a quick adjustment,but then I had not planned on them keeping my teeth.I went as straight home as I could go. Thank goodness, I had sense enough to get my gas before the dental appointment.The few grocery items I needed would have to wait.It is very uncomfortable without my upper teeth for this long,but, no doubt, I'll live through it.I don't think anyone has ever died from embarrassment.

The above picture is a scene from another one of my bulletin boards.I had a little more time to browse through some more of the contents of my sheds while passing off the day in hiding.They are so many memories stashed away in those two sheds, it is a joy just browsing through them.The hard part is deciding what I will need to get rid of. That was my original plan for getting into the two sheds to start with. To thin down my collectibles.It will be a slow go, but hopefully I will have lots of time to work on it,when the growth of the yard slows down due to the super hot days of  summer we will be having soon.

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  1. My mom is very sensitive about her dentures as well, Sue. My mother-in-law, however, could care less. When she stays with us, she takes them out whenever she feels like it and does'nt care who sees her! :)