Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Angel Visits Mom While She was Making Quilts for the Soldiers

The story behind this picture is as sweet as the lady in the picture. My Mom. She has lost quite a bit of her eye sight in the last few years. So much so, the Association for the Blind has called to see if she needs assistance in any way.One of her eye doctors gave them her name, so you know how bad her eyesight must be.It's hard to believe, a year or so ago, she was making quilts for the soldiers.Her church has always contributed  all sorts of hand made items in times of need, for different groups, but Mom heard about this project through other channels, and decided it was something she would like to do. They wanted small lap type quilts, and that was even better. With her eyesight failing, and the constant numbness in her arms and hands,it would be difficult, at best.The small quilts would be an excellent project for her.I believe Dad would have been so proud of her. It was always his wish that she would take up quilting like his Mother. Mom would never be able to make the beautiful decorative quilts like Grandma did, but her quilts were just fine for the purpose at hand.I would have loved to heard from the soldiers who received her quilts. They were not perfect, but I hope where ever they ended up,that each and every lonely soldier,felt the kind of love in their little quilt, that they once felt when they they were wrapped in the arms of their own Mother.

It was about a year ago, maybe two, when the lady in charge of taking pictures for the Clarkson Day Festivities,was going around town, taking pictures of the yard displays for the upcoming contest.When stopping at Mom's yard to snap a picture of her yard arrangement,she spotted Mom on the porch working on one of her little quilts. The lady was so taken by the sight of this little old lady ,sitting there quilting, her heart told her she simply must take her picture.She spent several minutes there, talking with Mom about the quilts, and taking snapshots of her.We were amazed to hear the story which Mom told us later, but even more amazed when she brought back, a few days later, enough snapshots for  Mom and each of us nine children to have copies. What a wonderful gesture. We were so pleased and thankful,we went straight to town and picked her up something nice to show our appreciation. We got her a lovely Fall arrangement for her table.Isn't it wonderful to know there are still good folks around,and many times they are like angels who appear when you least expect them.

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  1. That is very nice Sue, both the lady and your mom. It looks pretty cool!