Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dr. Oz Would Be So Proud of Me.

our 2011 sweet potatoes
I like to watch Dr. Oz when I can, and he is teaching me many helpful things on improving our nutrition and diet. Not that I hadn't heard most of it before,but it just reinforces all that I have read and studied over the last 30 years. I love to read anything pertaining to improving your health through nutrition. There are so many myths circulating about different foods,nutrients,supplements,etc.,you don't know who or what to  believe. I tend to believe a lot of what Dr. Oz advocates. I like the fact that he tells what he believes no matter what the medical profession tells about a product or procedure. He does the research. It is my opinion that the medical world sees only the dollar amount they can get out of you,and no amount of persuasion will change my mind on that.
Nevertheless, these are three of the products he stresses, and I am learning to use them to enhance our diets, more and more each day. We raised our own sweet potatoes again this year, and today, I sliced up a big potato and cooked it just till tender, in a teaspoon of olive oil, then sprinkled it with the least amount of raw sugar. Not that it was not sweet enough, but Pop likes candied sweet potatoes like his Mamaw use to fix,so I figured I could wean him off of the super sweet dish and teach him to love them with much less sugar. Sweet potatoes are one of the foods at the top of Dr. Oz's list in nutritive value, and one we have easy access to. Many of the foods he promotes,we do not.The sweet potato is a very versatile food and can be used in so many ways.

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  1. I love Dr Oz too! He speaks to you in a way that you can understand.

    I have some sweet potatoes waiting to sprout so I can put them in the garden. We just eat them like ordinary potatoes, mashed, chips, patties, cheesy bake, roasted etc...So much more flavour in my opinion and so good for you.