Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Close Kin to Kudzu?

I have spent the better portion of my day today,pulling down these beautiful but invasive morning glories. They are one of the few things that bloom in the heat of the summer without complaint. I am beginning to believe they are a close cousin to Kudzu.They have taken over the biggest portion of my wrap around porch. I let them grow, since so little seems to be able to withstand the drought and the heat, but now they are going to seed, so I knew I must get them down and in a hot fire.I'm sure there are plenty of seeds that have already escaped and will be invading the flower beds next season if I don't mulch them heavily.

It was also a good day for washing down the vinyl siding on the house,although I stopped with one wall today. There is no use killing myself trying to do it all in a day.I offered to go and get Mom to help, but she wasn't falling for it.She's 85. you know.She's usually ready to help me tackle any kind of job necessary, but evidently,this didn't sound like her cup of tea today.The weather has cooled down a bit, so I turned on my music,drug out the garden hose, a long handled brush, and the purple cleaner, and cleaned away.I'll tackle another section tomorrow.

I'm so glad supper was already fixed. A big crock pot of vegetable soup.I have a feeling I'll be in bed early.


  1. i could do with a nice pot of vege soup sue, we are having a cooler afternoon, ive just put out some steak but soup sounds more appetising

  2. I've been battling morning glories for about three years now. I planted them -- I guess this is my "reward." :)

  3. The vines look wonderful Sue. Probably added some shade to boot!
    Maybe I'll grow some next year?