Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rednecks Utilize Everything

redneck planter

We ,Rednecks, catch a lot of flack over our ways, but most of our ideas usually work great.This type of planter has been around for years,but I doubt those folks using it back then had an inkling they were being classified as Rednecks. It is just another frugal way to utilize something that is no longer usable in it's intended manner.It works great as a planter. I have a couple of these old tires, and we use them to mark our septic tanks,so we can find them easily, when and if they ever need attention.So while they were sitting there, I figured I'd make them as attractive as possible.If it has to be shoved aside some day to work on the tank,it'll hurt a lot, but so be it. I have lots more flowers to put back later.


  1. Hey Sue, it looks great. I see those a lot in my neck of the woods!

  2. I use regular spare tires for my herbs. They work great! :)

  3. we had one just like this when i was young, painted white too.