Monday, September 12, 2011

New Plans Needed

This is the fabric Leah chose for her bedroom curtains. Pink camouflage with peace signs stamped all over.

Leah's Initial for her wall, in progress

I think my Grandchildren are going through a similar stage,to the one in Terry's story. When they were very small, I was their number one playmate. We use to play a lot, but not as much lately,since they are getting older, and they have quit coming every Sunday.If they are coming over, they usually call between 7 and  9 o'clock to let me know, then I pick them up around 10,but here lately, they have been spending more time at home on Sundays. Not sure what is going on, but their Dad has changed shifts,so they could be doing some fun things together at home. This past Sunday, they had not called, so we had given up on them coming, and planned our day without them, when Leah called around noon , saying she was bored, and wanted me to come and get her.We did so, and went on with our plan to go to town.While we were shopping,I stopped by the fabric department for some Pellon, and Leah spotted some fabric that she just had to have.She could envision something made from it, but she wasn't sure just what.A blouse or possibly curtains. Yes, that sounded good. Curtains.So I gave in and bought enough to make her two pair of curtains for her bedroom(which she never uses).Hopefully,this would encourage her to spend more time in her own room. She has everything a little girl her age could possibly want in that room anyway.Now that she is ten, hopefully, she is beginning to take interest in her own special space.She was as nervous as I was, maybe more so,when I began cutting the fabric.She called home and had her Dad to measure the windows.She was ecstatic over the curtains. She wanted them done that day,which didn't happen,but I did get up early Monday and finished them, all but the hem.I want to wait until they are hanging to be sure of the length.They are very simple curtains, although I did line them,but I think she will be pleased with them. I made long tie backs for them, so she could tie a bow with each one, and a throw pillow with the tiny piece of fabric that was left over.She says she thinks a matching quilt for her bed would look nice.I told her it would depend on how she likes the curtains,as to whether we tackle a quilt.I ran across the letter L in my wood scraps, so I decided to make her a little extra surprise in decorating her initial for her wall.Not decided yet as to whether or not I cut out the EAH to finish her whole first name.Since it's so short, I may.

I plan to take the curtains over while she is in school and hang them up, and hopefully get them hemmed before she gets home from school. I hope to stop by the store and pick up two sets of louvered blinds to go on the windows,too.

I'll need to look John's room over while I'm there. I believe he has one window. so I'll pick him up some camouflage fabric for him a set of curtains, a set of louvered blinds, and make his name in camouflage for his wall.I doubt he would want a pillow, but surely fellows use pillows.Maybe a regular pillow case for his bed pillow.He may like that better than a throw pillow.I may find myself making  two quilts in the near future.


  1. I like Leah's fabric choice Sue.
    Don't forget to take pictures of them hung!

  2. going to look good Sue ,what we do for our grands!!!

  3. What a sweet lady you are. And a great gram.