Monday, September 5, 2011

The Tale of Two Sisters!

Long ago,around 40 years or so,there were two sisters who parted ways,due to the root family moving away.Eight hundred and fifty miles to be exact..One sister was 13 and the other was 24.(these numbers are rough guesstimates)The two sisters lived far apart for the most part,ever since, only to visit occasionally, but their visits were very few.After living apart for all those years,they finally begin to communicate on a daily basis,
via the blogging world. Each and every day we learn something new about each other, and we are finding that we have more similarities than anyone would have ever suspected.More similarities than any of the other 7 siblings.We both love crafting of all kinds. We both loved gardening at one time, but her situation at the moment, doesn't allow her to do much of that anymore.She lives with her daughter and I'm not sure if it's possible to plant a garden there.I am interested in natural healing and home remedies ,as is she.We both enjoy cooking.The list goes on and on. Today, I am mentioning all of this, to say one thing.She has posted a picture of a project she is working on,not knowing that I am working on a similar project.She has painted hers white, as have I. With her reclaimed curtain rod,she has made a paper towel holder.I will use mine to hold  banners and flags which I will working on this winter.Some weird things are happening with my blog tonight. I only hope it is readable, when I hit the publish button.


  1. I love your "Tale of Two Sisters!!"

    At first I couldn't think where your "story" was going...then I suddenly is "our" story!! Bless your heart!!

    You have made me laugh and blessed we are!!

    I just love your project too! Can't wait to see photos of your flags and banners flying from it!

    Love you...Memaw's sissy

  2. Sweet story. I love the fall pictures on your banner.

  3. Hey Sue, you're right, on my computer, when I scroll over your text, it's all highlighted in red, like a link. If you click on it, it takes you to the larger version of your photo!
    Glad you and your sister are connecting.

  4. I worked with it a bit. Something was happening like the link button might be stuck.I had not noticed it still being that way until you mentioned it, so I tried running my cursor over the post,and sure enough it was doing the same thing.I went under edit, and highlighted the section that had the red underline and hit link, and it went away.I think!