Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What do a refigerator and a flower bed have in common after a long busy summer?

(A lot of interesting stuff hidden inside.)

I think I'll have enough Hen's Nest Gourds to do most anything I take a notion to do with them.They were every where. It was like pulling a string of Christmas lights out of the overgrown flower bed.They kept coming.

I found several Praying Mantid, and they are huge.I have been  calling it a Praying Mantis my entire life, but the site says  it's Praying Mantid.

This is a seed pod from a plant from the woods that I carried in and forgot about.I also forgot the name. I think it may be a Jack in the Pulpit.I will be doing more research on this one,too.

 a Walking Stick.
I have always called this a Fly Catcher, but noit sure yet what the true name is. I'm still looking.

               Thank goodness there were no snakes, and no ticks that I have found on me so far this morning..

Check out this wonderful site for bug identification which fascinates me.Very Interesting reading.


  1. Hen's Nest Gourds? What are they Sue? And better still, what do you do with them?

  2. I'm sure there are others who decorate them in various ways, but I just grew them for the novelty of it. You could put a few in an old egg basket just for looks.You could make Christmas ornaments out of them.You can paint on them.Or you can even use them in the hen's nest so as not to leave your fresh eggs under her another day for a nest egg.I have enough now, that i won't need to grow any more for awhile.I like to try a new plant each year.