Friday, September 30, 2011

The Soon-to-be Newlyweds

I'd started a sign for Mom's porch, but decided to make one,instead,for my niece's upcoming wedding. It is a very informal wedding,out in her Mother's yard,well really on the barn porch, so I didn't figure it needed to be real fancy. If it had been a Black Tie affair, I wouldn't have made it quite so colorful.These were the colors of the letters I had begun for Mom's porch railing, so I continued on with them as they were.During the Honeyfest, I saw a display that really struck a chord with me. The letters they had displaying their business were painted up in a similar manner, and hung by a cord of some type. I can experiment with that later, but for now, I decided to use a flat board as my background. I used Liquid Nails to adhere the letters to the board.Then I trimmed my background board, leaving a quarter inch lip all the way around. I rummaged through my stash of trimmings in search of something that might work for a trim, and low and behold, I had just enough black lace.I painted the quarter inch trim around my board with black paint, and when it dried, I hot glued the lace all around the edge. It is hard to see in the picture, but I then glued sparkle sprinkles around the edges of their names. Now all I need to do is attach a couple of hooks for hanging.Hopefully,it will look really good, hanging somewhere in the wedding area.I'll try to get a couple of pictures to post after the wedding tomorrow.

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