Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are you making memories for someone?

My Grandparents-Ed and Mary Wise 

Grandma and Grand daddy to us kids
I have a new blogging friend. Her name is Kathleen of Yesteryears Embroideries. I stumbled across her site, as many folks do, while browsing through someone else's list of followings. What is that saying,"Birds of a feather, flock together."Pop has a saying that means the same thing, but a little cruder in verse."There is no horse so scruffy, that you can't find a scruffy bush to tie it to."I think it means the same or close,but he usually uses it when someone marries or teams up with another person of the same caliber,and that's usually not good."But in this case, I am glad to be associated with the caliber of folks whom we find blogging with similar backgrounds, likes,dreams,wishes,and aspirations.Kathleen had pictured an embroidered spread very similar to one that I had just purchased at a consignment shop. I generally don't pay too much for such items, but this particular spread,spoke to me. I could not leave the shop without it. I don't really know what the draw of the spread was. The colors,probably.The flowers,it's possible.The basket,another possibility. The crocheted edging,could be.But all in all, I had to have it. I paid $3.99 for the spread, and it was worth every penny of it to me. It's possible that the little spread  evokes feeling for me, of an earlier time in my life,where I felt loved and safe and pampered. No doubt, it was in my Grandmother's home. I spent a lot of time there, as a child, and she would spend a lot of time teaching me to make fried apple pies,cutting,sewing,and pressing her little quilt blocks,getting them ready for her next masterpiece. My Grandmother made so many beautiful quilts. They were nothing like the thrown together quilts that my Mom and I make. They were like the fine, meticulous ones made by my sister,Vicki, of My Favorite Things. She inherited the quilting gene from our Grandmother.Dad use to bring home lots of fabric from auctions he would attend, in hopes that Mom would take up the art of quilting like his Mother. Little did he know that you must have the gene inside of you to do that. It is next to impossible to produce those beautiful works of art, without it.I don't really remember Grandma doing that much embroidery work, but something about it, brings back a lot of special feelings inside of me.I have done a little of it myself, and it is a peaceful, relaxing hobby and the finished piece brings you so much pride in knowing that you have created such a beautiful masterpiece for someone to cherish.
Stop by Kathleen's site and see all of the wonderful memories she is making for someone in her family or circle of friends.

My spread has this pattern on both ends,with a crocheted edging all around.

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  1. Thank you for the mention...I'm sure my quilts are no where near as nice as Grandma's.

    I only saw one that I remember that mom used to refer to as "Dad's mothers quilt." It was already starting to show wear then.

    I do wish we had photos of Grandma would be so nice if we could find one of the patterns that she used and make another one in her honor.

    Would anyone up in your area have a quilt of Grandmas or photos of them??

    Love your basket embroidery...I'm practicing on a bit of embroidery now. Bev wants to learn how and I'm giving myself refresher lessons so the next time we get together I can show her my examples.

    Always love reading your posts...sorry I don't comment more...I'm so proud of you blogging. I knew if you ever got started you would love it! You have taken to it like "a duck to water!" So glad!! Keep up the wonderful writing...please continue to encourage us to pull out those dusty memories and savor each one!!

    Love you...until later...V