Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making memories for someone.

My Grandparents-Ed and Mary Wise 

Grandma and Grand daddy to us kids
I have a new blogging friend. Her name is Kathleen of Yesteryears Embroideries. I stumbled across her site, as many folks do, while browsing through someone else's followings. What is that saying,"Birds of a feather, flock together."
Kathleen had pictured an embroidered spread very similar to one that I had just purchased at a consignment shop. I generally don't pay too much for such items, but this particular spread,spoke to me. I could not leave the shop without it. I don't really know what the draw of the spread was. The colors,probably.The flowers,it's possible.The basket,another possibility. The crocheted edging,could be.But all in all, I had to have it. I paid $3.99 for the spread, and it was worth every penny of it to me. It's possible that the little spread  evokes feeling for me, of an earlier time in my life,where I felt loved and safe and pampered. No doubt, it was in my Grandmother's home. I spent a lot of time there, as a child, and she would spend a lot of time,sewing me clothes, teaching me to make fried apple pies,cutting,sewing,and pressing her little quilt blocks,getting them ready for her next masterpiece. My Grandmother made so many beautiful quilts. They were nothing like the thrown together quilts that my Mom and I make. They were like the fine, meticulous ones made by my sister,Vicki, of My Favorite Things. Vicki inherited the quilting gene,as you can see on her blog. She has made so many over the years, but I am sure she didn't think to take pictures of them all before sending them along to the lucky recipient.She presently has some medical issues that keeps her from doing a lot of the meticulous quilting she once did, but she has pictured a few of her latest quilts on one of her last posts.

If you have not checked out some of Vicki and Kathleen's posts,hop over and take a peek.They are both truly artists in their own craft.

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