Sunday, September 11, 2011

So Much Pain!

This day, ten years ago, will linger in the minds of all who lived,on that day. For my family,only six days earlier,we had suffered what we thought was the worst pain possible.We had lost our Father. I am so glad he did not live to see that horrific act. As great as was the pain and heartache from loosing our Dad, I am sure it pails to the sadness felt around the world from the loss of so many. The thought of all of the folks who were hurting as we were, was a common thread among us.Pain is pain,no matter who it touches. I have healed  somewhat,from the loss of my Dad,although it is hard to say you ever heal over the lost of a family member,but we knew his time was near. He was 83 and in poor health there at the end, so death is inevitable,but for all of those who died so unexpectedly,with no prior warning from such a horrific act,must be unbearable.We pray that those who have lost friends and family due to that act, have healed to some degree.I heard on the news just yesterday, that others are still dying,due to circumstances related to that day. May God's comforting presence be with them all.

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