Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bored people are usually boring people.

I find this to be true? Folks who are constantly complaining of boredom are usually boring people to be around. I think if the word bored and all of it's derivatives were taken out of the English language, I would never notice.I never have time to be bored. Sometimes I wish I did.

This is a scrap of wood that begged to be made into a pumpkin. It was from an old piece of aged 4X4 wood, and when I finished it, it appeared too rough to suit me, so I took some Spackle and smoothed out the surface a bit, and repainted it.Now, all it needed was a leaf and a curlicue.The leaf is the project that made me think I might have an illness. I began to paint the stem, and I noticed the green paint I was planning to use, had dried up. I dug around in the little bottle, and got the dried paint out, and made a little ball with it.It was a little drier than clay,but I got to thinking. What can I do with this ball of dried paint? I took it outside to the sidewalk, and battered it with my hammer until it was flat.Then I trimmed it with the scissors.Wallah! A Leaf! Now that's what I would call a Sickness or an Obsession .What ever it's called, I have it. I hate waste.
The little leaf turned out to look more like an apple leaf than a pumpkin leaf.I may try my hand at making a new leaf,but not just now. I have too many other irons in the fire.

 I'll save my little leaf awhile and I'll just make a wooden apple for it. Now that's a thought. I need to make some wooden apples.Isn't it amazing how one thought will lead to another, then another.and so on. That is exactly my point. How is it, some people cannot find anything to keep them selves occupied, and others are covered up with ideas galore.

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