Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farm Life

How sweet it is!
Good night Mary Ellen,Goodnight,John Boy,Good night Elizabeth!


  1. They prefer to roost up high at night,away from predators. Pop is letting them use his garage temporarily until the chicks are old enough to separate from the mother,then they'll all go in a separate pen.We let the bantam roam free during the day,since the bigger chickens tend to pick on them when in the same pen.We usually get more roosters than pullets, so the roosters will be culled out and sold at the flea market. I can't bear to kill and eat them.Pop likes to raise a few of the small bantams simply because they are so cute.We mostly keep chickens for a hobby and nostalgia because raising chickens for the eggs is a loosing proposition with the cost of feed being so high.