Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ain't Life Funny?

We drove to the local auction last night, just to have something to do, with no intention of buying anything. I was prepared. I took my crocheting along to pacify myself while Pop socialized.Little did I know at the moment, that I had left my glasses on the vanity when I was getting dressed. I struggled through.Straining my eyes to crochet,until I realized Pop was not interested in the auction like I had thought he would be.Too few things being offered that interested him. He's not into dishes and knick knacks, and that's mostly what they offer here lately. A few knives, occasionally,some tools,and last night they had coins of all kinds, but nothing seemed to interest him., so I knew we would not be there long.I used his eye glasses to continue my crocheting, since it appeared he might fall asleep, waiting for me to get my fix.Some nights when I feel I must buy something, I can buy some tiny little something and I'm done.Well,last night, I spotted a baker's rack I wanted.It was taking the auctioneer what seemed like forever to get to the rack and Pop was eager to leave.Then they held up this piece that caught my eye immediately. Not so much the window pane,as that would have captured some folks eye, but the paintings on the pane grabbed my attention. I want to learn to paint so badly. I love the pictures of the fruit.I think I would have bought them, if they had been painted on pieces of cardboard. I want to try painting them myself,soon. I know I can reproduce those pictures on other things. I can't wait to try.In the meantime, I'll use it to hang my jewelry. As for the remainder of our night at the auction,I was done. Forget the baker's rack. I'm satisfied. Let's go home.So we did.


  1. That's lovely what nice pictures on it and what a good use for it. We don't have an auction house near us, maybe a good thing as OH doesn't feel the same as I do about my little treasures.

  2. Thanks for taking time to comment.
    Pop doesn't either, but since I retired and my paycheck is more than his, he doesn't say quite as much as he once did. I love tole type painting. I think it catches my eye because I want to learn to paint like that, so badly.