Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wood...A Precious Commodity

Wood is indeed,A Precious Commodity,around my house. It's funny how different folks view certain items differently. We burn wood for our primary heat source to keep the electric bill down. We only use our electric furnace when the need arises.Like in the middle of a really cold night ,when the fire has burned completely out,before we awaken to rekindle it. When the wind is blowing hard outside,like it did last night and this morning, sometimes it causes the house to loose it's warmth.You'd think, with the good insulation we have in this house, that would not happen, but it does.

Nevertheless, Pop sees the wood scraps pictured above, as kindling.These pieces,pictured above, are the remains of the Crow project I was working on here lately for my sister,Vicki.I told Pop just this morning, not to use my scraps of wood, since they are lightweight wood, and cut so easily on my scroll saw,only to learn, that he had already snitched and burned some of them. Drat!

 I had just recently found this cute little set of watermelon cut outs that I'd planned to use the scraps for.This set had been cut from really thin lightweight wood. Just the perfect project for my scraps of wood.They're cute.They're small.They're colorful.A perfect lazy day job,just sitting quietly,painting the little pieces.One of my favorite projects is painting, although I never get around to it.It is such a slow paced project, my nerves have to be really calm to get into it.Most days, I need a task that keeps me moving,moving,moving.Strange,I know, but I know my body and that's the way it works.I have crocheted most of the winter, so I am ready to jump off on something different. This might be a good day to try my hand with the watermelons.We'll see how it goes.

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