Monday, February 6, 2012

Things we could achieve,if only......

...if only we lived closer.Yes,my sister,Vicki, of My Favorite Things, has been spending time in Kentucky this winter re-cooperating from back surgery and staying with our Mother, who is now 86 years young.We all felt it would do both of them so much good to spend this time together. Vicki has lived so far away for most of her grown up life,Mom has missed her presence so, for many years.Hopefully, they are having a good visit, and are catching up on the many lost years.

Vicki has brought lots of crafts to keep herself busy while visiting.She is a lot like myself. She gets nervous when her hands are idle.Mom now leads a very quiet life, with the loss of her eyesight in one eye, and the other one failing fast,and then her hearing is really bad.Not to mention the many other problems that come with aging.All in all,Vicki is being a great help to Mom, giving Stacey, the younger sister, a break. Stacey lives closest to Mom and tries to visit with her daily and keep her in freshly cooked,well balanced meals.Vicki is a big help in this area,too.She does a lot of cooking for the two of them. I know they are both enjoying that.Vicki,like myself, loves to cook.

While visiting with Vicki and Mom, I noticed Vicki wearing some of her hand made scarves and roses. They are so pretty, I decided to try my hand at making myself a set. I completed my set today, and could not wait to show it. The yarn I used has a sparkling silver thread interwoven through it. I was hoping it would show up more than it has, in the picture.It is a festive looking set. I only hope I get to wear it soon.

Vicki has been keeping in close touch with her daughter,Beverly, back home in North Carolina. We sisters, have gone to several little shops in our area,and Vicki has been getting all sorts of ideas for things to go in Beverly's booth. She finds things that she can make and send back home to Beverly, and Beverly has sent Vicki thread in the mail to make more roses. They seem to be a good seller in her booth.I think the matching scarf would sell good, too, whether it be alone or together.

This is a little crow Vicki liked in one of the shops. She felt it would be something she could make a few of and possibly they would sell good in the booth. I have gathered up lots of wood for her to use and the needed supplies from my craft department to get her started.I made this one for myself from my template I made for her to use. I may have to loan her my scroll saw.The wood is light weight enough. I think it would work better than Mom's old jig saw shes planning to use.I think Beverly will like the crow pattern.

We are truly enjoying Vicki's visit. I only hope her family is not missing her too badly,although I am sure they are. We do appreciate the loan of their Mother and Grandmother. I know Mom is enjoying her visit tremendously.


  1. Very nice scarf and rose! I used to do wood crafts and even sold out of a booth in a consignment shop. It was a lot of fun. I like the crow too.

  2. It's so nice to have your sister taking care of your mom. What a treasure she is going to have forever in her memory bank.. When I had knee surgery my daughter Jodie who I don't get to see very much came and took care of me.. What a blessing she was to have here plus she is a pharmacist and helped me with taking my drugs..
    Love the bird. How cool is he~ He needs a red scarf around his neck.. Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)