Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another little rug completed

I was just finishing up one of my latest little rugs, when the waitress at the restaurant where Pop hangs out and socializes quite often,said she would love to have one of my crocheted rugs.She collects lots of old furnishings for her home and I suppose she thought this type of rug would fit right in.I am not into the Primitive decorating per se,as I have said before, but I think my little rugs would definitely fit in that decor. Probably more so, if I had used drab colors, which I did not. I had lots of cranberry fabric, and since it is one of my favorites, that's what I was using.Nevertheless, I finished the rug, and procceeded to make a little tag to attach to the rug. I love making the tags as much as the rugs.When my sister Vicki was here for a few days, we dabbled with a few ideas on Primitive crafts. I used one of her ideas on my tag. I was so pleased with it, I will most likely use it many more times. It was simple and it uses up tiny bits and pieces of fabric.That helps me to move out some of the clutter in my craft room.. I do enjoy making the tags.
Donna was so pleased with her little rug. She says she will cherish it forever. I know I do mine.I have 3 that I have made and kept for myself and I adore them.

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