Sunday, February 5, 2012

My 64th Birthday!

Birthdays come and go, and after you get my age, you wish they would not come so quickly.However, I did have a nice birthday,yesterday. Pop got me a beautiful and thoughtful card, as he usually does. He picks out such nice cards for every occasion.

...and we both love power tools.Not only did I get the sweet card, but he got me a beautiful clock from the Amish store that I had fallen on love with on my last visit there.

It is trimmed in a wood grain and stainless steel frame with a prism like glass in the lower half. It plays 3 types of music. Six of each type.Classical,hymns,and Christmas music. You can set it on your preference. It plays a beautiful melody at the top of each hour,which you can set for light sensitivity or constant,in which it plays every hour.When the music plays, the prism revolves and the light show begins, in time with the music.It sounds heavenly.

All in all it was a very quiet and peaceful birthday.

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