Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tag, You're It!

I went online today and bid on a tag punch, but was out bid by a few cents. If only I had sat by the computer and stuck with the bidding.No matter. I was determined to make a few tags.This tag things has gotten to be somewhat of an obsession. I do not know what it is with it. I have so much brown paper accumulated, and I hate putting on yard sales.I have nothing to sell.Any time soon,anyway.Why I am so obsessed with the desire to make tags, is beyond me.I guess it is a busy,hands-on  job, it's a small project,it's using reclaimable materials,it's cost free.All of which attracts my attention.

Then I thought, perhaps, my niece could use them in her booth.She calls her creations Primitive at Heart,so I went into Word on my computer and printed out lots of the little titles in a pretty font and printed them out since my original plan to stamp the words on the tag, did not appeal to be that much.I like the font I've chosen. And then, I thought heart. That's part of the name of her creations, so I cut out a few little hearts around the wording, and glued it to the tags. I am still experimenting with the project, and the juices get to flowing after you get into a project, so maybe there is hope for this little project yet. I will continue, until I come up with a tag that suits me better, shortly,I hope.

Meanwhile,I will continue to watch  for a punch on eBay. I am not into card making, but I have lots of supplies that will work for that purpose. I may give it a try.I have been watching several videos on various craft ideas, and I seem to be more and more fascinated with the card making.The supplies they advertise are so expensive, I know I can come up with a few cards,using my reclaimed supplies, that are just as pretty,and not nearly as costly.I'll put that on my long list of "Things I Want To Try".


  1. You should join in with us at Rural Thursdays, Sue. You have so much to teach us! :)

  2. Thanks, Nancy, for your kind words, but after watching some of those card making videos, I feel my works would never measure up. My goal has always been to use things that others would throw away. I have accumulated so many supplies of that nature, it would be a sin to go out and purchase many of the needed items to make things as pretty as theirs.I'm not giving up though. I love trying.

  3. this is the first time your blog came up for me in a while don,t know what is going on. Little tags are cute! Have fun making them. Connie