Monday, February 20, 2012

Altered Plans

The grandchildren were out of school today. President's Day! and I had a plan to help them to make pencil holders from recycled cans and pretty fabric. I had a piece of leopard colored fabric which I knew would catch Leah's eye, and some camouflage fabric for John.I thought it was a really good plan, but they had other ideas. I ended up making ONE can,myself. That was all I could squeeze into THEIR plan.They wanted to play Country Store.

my can
Both kids scavenged through my craft/supply room and found lots of things to use in their store,as did I.
Leah's store

My Store
Leah's beauty shop
I played store with them until I exhausted. Finally, Leah said she was setting up a beauty shop in her shop, and ask me to come by and let her do my hair.I know how relaxing that has always been to me, so I agreed.No matter what she did to my hair, I'd get to relax,if only for a few minutes.It was glorious.The break, anyway.And the hair do was not all that bad either.Sorry! No pictures of the do.

We took a break from our store keeping to help Pop cut and drag out a couple of downed logs from our newly purchased woods.It was turning out to be such a nice day outdoors.We drug two logs up to the yard to be cut up later, then decided to do a good deed and cut a load of firewood for a neighbor who is struggling with cancer, while he was taking one of his chemo treatments in town. All in all, what started out as a really cold day at 28 degrees,turned out to be a really pretty and productive day in the 50's.Not so bad for a mid-February day.

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