Saturday, February 18, 2012

Worth Crowing About

Mom painting crows for Bev' booth

This is some of the items that Vicki and I worked on while she was visiting me for the last few days.Now she has returned to Mom's home with lots of things to keep Mom occupied,or so she thinks. You cannot have enough lined up to keep Mom busy. She whizzes through any project you give her, and is there bugging you with the fact that she needs something to do. She is bored. Mom is like a small child in that respect. I guess it is something we'll just have to deal with.Her eyesight is shot, for the most part. She has only one good eye now. Her sight in the other is completely gone,but the one remaining eye is still pretty good.She can do some things, but other things, she cannot. She has lost a lot of her memory regarding things she has done in the past and people she has known. Sometimes you can jog her memory by explaining every minor detail, but at other times, it only frustrates her, so we just drop the subject and continue on with our conversation.She does a fair job of painting, and even though the crows may need a touch up here and there, it helps keep her busy. If it's streaked, she says she likes it that way. You should see her kitchen cabinets. No, on second thought, maybe it's best you don't.Now they are really streaked,but she likes it that way,so what's a fellow to do.You can't tell your 86 year old Mom. "It looks terrible,Mom. We need to redo it."It's not worth the disruption it would make in her world. We'll let the next home owner worry with that,when Mom is up there walking those streets of gold.

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  1. Her sight sounds a lot like my grandma's. She loves to quilt and sew, but her eye sight makes it almost impossible. She keeps busy with other things, but it takes a bit more work and thought.