Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Did It Have to Snow Today?

January 12, 2012
I stumbled across this unfinished post this morning in a draft form, so I have posted it now, just to have an entry describing Vicki's trip to Kentucky,to spend time with Mom,for a couple of months. Vicki will be taking some time off from her job to recuperate  from back surgery,so this was a good time for her to visit with Mom.
February 25, 2012
Of all days, the day that my sister,Vicki, was scheduled to fly from Raleigh to Louisville,winter had to unleash its wrath,today The airlines changed her flight once, since Chicago is having such bad weather. Then she was scheduled to fly out of Raleigh to Baltimore then on to Louisville. Vicki is just come through back surgery and had to wait until her six week check up rolled around to see whether she was going to be able to come at all.Her check up was on the 29th of December.She planned to spend some of her recuperating time at Mom's. That would be wonderful for both. Mom would have someone there with her, through some of the coldest days of winter. It would be nice for them to spend time together and help each other a bit.It has been awhile since Vicki has been able to come and spend any length of time with Mom and the rest of the family here in Kentucky. She lived her until 1972, but ever since then, she has lived on St. Simon's  Island,Georgia,in West Virginia, Maryland,and North Carolina.Many of the siblings have since returned to our home state.At this time,Vicki and Jerry are the only two, still residing out of the state.

After the flight changes, and the delays from the weather, Vicki arrived at Louisville airport at 10:35pm on Thursday.She was worn tetotally out after spending the day, from 10 am to 10:35 pm, in the process of getting to Kentucky. Then the long drive home .We were all beat, but with her recent back surgery,I'm sure it was no picnic, for her especially.

To make bad matters worse, her luggage did not get on the same flight as she did. She was not initially due to change planes, at Baltimore, but with the bad weather everywhere, things happen, and she did need to take another plane at the last minute. Naturally, there was no time for them to retrieve her luggage from the previous plane. We waited around another half hopur or so, trying to find out when, what, where, and how to get her luggage, only to find it would be delivered to Mom's home in Clarkson in a day or two. Not the greatest outcome, but, what was a fellow to do. Vicki and the other girls in the family are pretty near the same size, so finding enough clothing to get through for a couple of days, would be no problem.

The snow had held off,for the most part, for us to get back to Mom's house that night. We did take time to stop at White Castle,a burger house on the way home. There is no way we could pass a White Castle and not stop. We get to stop there so little and we all love those little onion covered burgers.Tired as we all were, we enjoyed our stop and got to unwind a bit from the hectic day.

Vicki stayed the night with us, and proceeded on to Mom's the following day.Her luggage showed up at Mom's on Saturday, which was sooner than we had expected, so the dreadful episode of Vicki's delivery from North Carolina to Kentucky, on the day of the worst weather we have had all winter, had ended.

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