Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our New Addition

This is just a segment of the woods bordering our original property.

No. We're past the age for having babies, and no, we're not adopting,nor or we getting a new pet.The new addition I speak of is in the form of land.
After today, we no longer need to cut our firewood on other folk's property. We will have our own woods to pick from. The property directly behind us has been in a local family's name for years, but now the heirs are finally letting it go.The heirs that have owned the piece directly behind and adjoining us, have always allowed us to come and go, on the property,but of course, that is to a point. Now the ground is ours and we can legally make paths to play and clear a bit of the undergrowth directly against our original property line.It will help the appearance of our present lot, to clean up the new ground,a bit.Plus, we will have all the firewood we need,not to mention the woods dirt that I love so well for my flowers and gardens.Then again, there are so many perks in having your own woods. I can gather all sorts of interesting pieces for my crafting projects.I can go for long walks, as soon as the bulldozer comes in and clears a few paths.The grandchildren will have a neat place to play and ride the 4-wheelers away from the road.Pop can work with his deer stand now. He has had it for several years,on this piece of property, but never had the freedom to work with it like it needed.Now it is on OUR property.He can cutsey it up to his heart's content.There are so many neat things we can find to do, now that the woods belong to us.

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  1. Congratulations! How I would love to have some woods of my own! Dang this thing called money and its sidekick job! I'm destined to live in a city. :(