Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's a Tedious Job

tags from recycled materials
My manual dexterity is not what it once was, but I still get great pleasure from working with these small pieces.It's really strange how one day you can change the needle in your sewing machine with no problem, and suddenly, one day, you try it once more,only to find you cannot.My fingers simply do not work like they once did. Especially when it comes to working in close places with tiny elements.Thank goodness, my new machine,no matter how upset I get with it, on occasion, it threads it's own needle.That is, if the spool of thread is loaded properly.

I scanned eBay for labels and tags to see what others were charging for theirs.I found many large,but simple,colored tags,cut from a tag punch, selling in lots of 10, for $ shipping costs. Most were made from colored paper or stock, and you know the cost of buying their supplies was unreal.My tags are all made from recycled materials.There are so many things one can use to cutsey up the little tags, at no cost,at all.The brown paper which is in great demand nowadays,comes from the inner lining of my sugar bag,and sometimes from packages that have been shipped. Many folks pack with the brown paper, and then wrap the package with it, also.I simply spray the wrinkled paper with a water mister and iron it flat.How much more primitive can you get.
folded dish cloths
I still have not come to a concrete solution as to what I will do with my dish cloths. I am not a salesman. I can't bring myself to set a price on anything. Not one in which I could make any money,anyway.Most usually, I end up giving my crafts away. That is satisfying in itself, so I really need not spend so much time,stressing myself over what to do with them.I may set them aside and have them ready for another Christmas season or any other occasion that might arise, requiring a gift.Now, that sounds like a great plan to me.

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