Saturday, February 18, 2012


my most recent snowflake

The weather man is calling for snow for our area, this weekend. Possibly 2-6 inches in some areas, and he mentioned our specific area.We  have not had any real winter,to speak of so far, so we can't complain if we get a good one this time.

My sister,Vicki,of My Favorite Things,from North Carolina, has been
spending a few days with me to give herself a rest from caring for Mom.Most folks know by now, that the care giver role is a very stressful one. Mom has not had to have an around the clock caregiver, up to this point, and she most likely will continue on for a while, on her own, but Vicki had an opportunity to come and spend time in Kentucky, while recuperating from her own back surgery, so she is visiting some of the family members who are now living in Kentucky.

I have so many craft supplies accumulated,I have given her free rein in my craft room to use whatever she likes.She is in the process of helping to get her youngest daughter,Beverly's, booth up and running, so she is making a few lightweight items that can be mailed back home to her.We are having loads of fun, coming up with and creating new things for her.

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