Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's On The Agenda Today?

We start each day with our Quiet Time. Me, Pop,and our morning cup of coffee, relaxing on the porch swing,watching the birds and wildlife,the garden growing,and discussing the day's plans.

Pop goes to town daily to sit,gossip,drink more coffee,and catch up on all the latest news.He comes home around noon to get a bite of something to eat and then gets into whatever he has planned for the day(with a lot of breaks and visiting with friends and neighbors, more coffee drinking, and lots of western TV viewing, throughout the evening).

I picked more berries.I know I said I wasn't going to, but I hate waste,and they are right in my face where we sit,drinking our coffee.The freezer is filling up with berries. I counted 14 bags, so far, in the freezer, about 1/2 gallon each.I fixed a pot of blackberry dumplings a night or two ago, but Pop has sugar problems, so that dish will be limited on our menus.Maybe I'll fix a big pot for the Big Wise Reunion next week.They were,oh,so good!Especially with vanilla ice cream on top!(As soon as the weather cools down, and the cook stove is not fighting with the AC, I will most likely make the berries into jelly and juice to get them out of the freezer. Pop is working on a little cook top stove for me to use outdoors on the patio.)

I hopped on one of the mowers and mowed 80% of the yard.The rest didn't need it quite yet.I guess I must have mowed that section last.

No trimming today. I'm beat, and it's getting hot out.I don't usually mow while the grass is wet, but sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do!I'll try to get to the trimming tomorrow.
We bought 80 pounds of tomatoes for $18.50,a real deal, at the Amish Auction yesterday, so I'll be rinsing out my pint jars today. Pop eats tomatoes with his cornbread and milk. That use to be a nightly ritual,around our house, but with his sugar problem now, it's more of a treat nowadays. We both love it.Freshly fried,hot cornbread, in a bowl of milk, with fresh(when available)tomatoes.Yum!

The tomatoes will need to sit a day or two before they will be ready to can, so most of my day will be tidying up the house.Did I mention, the Cajun side of the family is coming for a visit?
I brought up all the pints I could find from the basement. When the house burned in 07, I lost a lot of my jars that were stored in my potting shed beside of Pop's garage.I had about 1/2 of my jars filled and they were in the end room of the house that did not burn completely. Thank God it didn't, because we were able to use that room on up until our new house was finished.We were able to salvage the washer, dryer, freezer, canned goods, and a lot of our daily use clothes.That room was built on later, and it was air tight,when the door was closed,so therefore it did not get the damage the rest of the house did.We ran an extention cord to the remaining room and used the washer right on,although we did have to line dry our clothes.That was the least of our worries.

It's 2:30. Time for my nap, and do I need it today! Catch everyone later, in my next post.

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