Friday, May 6, 2011


I wrote this post a while back and never got around to publishing it, so a statement or two may be old news,especially about the weather,but the rest is still very true and up to date.

I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke cigarettes,the eating thing is another story,but I think I understand the constant nagging pull of an addiction on people.The addiction I  struggle with and speak of today is the desire to go outside. I have numerous tasks waiting for my time indoors, but I have no desire to do them. I want to go outside.It is a constant nagging desire that doesn't stop,when I am feeling good.I don't care if I'm mowing the grass. I want to be outdoors. I hate it when the grass is all mowed and there is nothing out there for me to do. I can't force myself to do anything indoors.Pop says we are having company sometime this summer, and I need to make sure things are all in check within the house. Ha! What does he know about things being in check inside the house?There is no end to things that need to be done inside of a home. I simply choose not to get to them. I'd rather hire a helper to do the indoor chores.My heart is outside,especially now while everything is fresh and new and green.The list of indoor chores that need to be done are endless, and I hate to do housework(most of the time).Housework is kinda like cooking. I need to be in the right mood.When I am in the mood to do either, I am lovin'every minute of it, but getting myself in the right mood is the problem.I knew when I went for my regular blood test this morning that I needed to be come straight home and plan on staying indoors to get a few things done, since it is so cold today,after last nights turbulent weather. Tornado watches and warnings were out for our area until 5 o'clock this morning. It was scary after the tornado outbreaks across the rest of the US over the last three days. Nevertheless, I stopped by the old  Bonnie Bell Plants Site (which is now Jordan Greenhouses) and Jones Supply today on my way home,to pick up a few plants and potting soil and the like. The question is why. I knew I had other things I needed to get done at home and most of them were indoors.As I get older, I guess I am beginning to see why folks are trying to rid themselves of everything that might need dusting or cleaning.Minimize,downsize,declutter.These are some of the terms we hear on a daily basis. I really can't see young folks appreciating the fact that we need to do these things,but folks my age,yes.The older we get, the less energy we have,especially for things that are not # 1 on our Passions list.This is my time of life to enjoy my Passion,and it doesn't have a thing to do with housework. I think I'll stop now and look up the number for Molly Maid.


  1. I'm not real big on housework either. I'd much rather be outside, or inside doing something fun.

  2. Check to see. You may have a Molly Maid in your area.