Monday, May 2, 2011

A Small But Useful Project

I will post a quick little entry tonight. I got a call from
the Nurse Practitioner's office today.I think my day
went down hill after that. I knew I had been having less energy
but after she told me about my iron and vitamin D levels being low,
I really began to feel tired.Some days I feel I can move mountains,
other days,if I could just lay down for 20 minutes,I know I'd feel better.
I haven't heard anything more from the previous tests,so I'm assuming
the results are not too bad. My check up's on the 9th.

The quick project for today was these Garden Markers. I think
they're cute,but I had never used them before. I may make some funny
ones to go in the garden or beds.You know the kind with Frog
Crossing,Ladybug Lounge,Gardeners know all the dirt,etc.Then
 again I may label some of my flowers in the various beds. We'll
play with them a bit and see what happens.Sorry for such a small entry.


  1. Cute! Hope you get your energy back soon. I think you'll notice a difference with an iron supplement. Take care of yourself,Tami

  2. I was just thinking before that i must email and find out how things were going. Ive got a lady i visit who has iron infusions just about every week and she feels wonderful after having them, but as her body doesnt store iron she has to keep going back. today i definetly cant move mountains. Ive spent the day in bed just sleeping and reading blogs. sometimes yah just gotta lay down and let the body rest. I could do with an energetic day at home by myself to get things done!!
    Your garden signs look good. one of glens old girlfriends makes signs and sells them on trademe(our version of ebay)

  3. Those are very cute! I've been using pop sickle sticks to mark things.

  4. Nice markers. I am going to try and plant a few things this weekend if we don't receive more rain.

  5. Sue, they're cute.
    Get some rest and I will too. Brendie needs some also.
    Lord knows we all need it!

    My soapmaking can wait till the weekend.