Friday, May 27, 2011


I know I've said I like something blooming at all times, but this is ridiculous.

They have taken over my flower bed at the walkway entrance to the house.
They have taken over the spot where I kept my last years compost pile.

They have invaded my driveway entrance flowerbed.

They are running rampant in my long flower bed which I built to hide the slab rock.
There is no escaping from the Missouri Primroses. 
 About 30 years ago, I was driving the school bus at the time, and on one of my trips to fill up with gas in the neighboring town,I saw these cute little flowers,growing by the roadside, on the right of way.I love flowers of all kinds, so I returned home after my work day, jumped in my car, and went back to find the pretty pink flowers.I managed to dig up a few,with my handy dandy spade which I carry with me at all times.Little did I know that they have the growing habit of Kudzu or Creeping Charlie or Bermuda grass. In other words,they are unstoppable. I have given flowers to hundreds of folks from everywhere and whether they liked it or not, they got the primroses,too. The seeds are in every speck of dirt in my yard, and when I give flowers away,they go along as an added bonus.Most folks enjoy them,but once in a while, one of the recipients will complain about the dreaded primroses invading their yard.Those folks are few and far between though,since most flower lover do not mind an additional blooming plant of any kind.Weed or otherwise.Oh,well.They will finish blooming shortly and go to seed again.I will mow them like grass, and pull them from my beds and toss them anywhere I think might need a little landscaping.I think wild flowers gowing along the roadsides are so pretty,but then the mowing fellows come along and mow them down anyway.I have tried to do a little research on the flowers and I beleive they are the Missouri primrose.I hope Missouri doesn't mind that I am spreading their state flower around Kentucky. I know LadyBird Johnson would have been proud of me.She was the wife of one of our former Presidents, and she is best known for traveling all across the United States planting wildflowers.Maybe one day,many years from now, I will be remembered by folks,while enjoying the beautiful primroses,no matter how invassive they might be. I'm doing my part to spread a little cheer.


  1. Queen Anne's Lace was once a pretty flower in my flower beds -- now it's everywhere and I pull it out when I see it. Way too invasive!

  2. Hi Sue- I didn't know those were primroses. They're all over my yard too, along with indian paint brushes, bluebonnets and a bunch of others I can't identify.
    They're quite pretty and so is your yard.