Monday, May 9, 2011

Catch Up Time!

I've gotten a little behind with so much going on around here, I thought it was a good time to do a little catch up.This is my Mother's Day gift from Leah and John and their parents,Carmen and David.The new school pictures.

This is my gift from Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Marc.I'll take flowers any day, for any occasion, and they know it.I think the flower is called A Thousand Bells.It's a young plant,so hopefully if I treat it properly,it will eventually have 1,000 bells.Right now it's hanging in my Mimosa tree. Not sure where it will end up.It gets so hot, I think I'll try to give it partial shade,even if it must stay in the tree.It's right beside the entrance walkway,so that won't be so bad.

We took a little trip yesterday,around the Nolin Lake Area. They have been holding the water back so as not to damage so many homes down stream. It has caused the lake to rise way out of it's bank here and do quite a bit of damage to the surrounding properties,but I guess the Corp of Engineers or who ever is calling the shots,knows best.We took several pictures of the water. It has never been this high before,that we know of.Pop would not listen when I begged him not to go down to the exit where the water was being released under the dam. I was so frightened for him to go ,but he is a Rebel to the bone.If there are rules to be broken,he'll be the one to break them.

This is the wood project for today.Another Planter box.I made this one from aged oak barn lumber.It looks as good as any of my concrete pots, and not nearly as heavy. My back won't let me be moving those concrete ones around any longer.The picture is blurry,but I didn't realize it until I had it loaded on the computer, so I'll leave it for now.Hopefully,I will have a better shot when the flowers fill out more.


  1. The kids are so cute! I miss the yearly school pics of my two boys.

  2. I agree with Nancy.
    As for Pop? Do husbands ever listen?