Friday, May 13, 2011

Creepy Creeping Charlie!

Thank you once again, Nancy,for my topic..

It all started with a cute little sprig about like the one pictured above, only it was full of the cutest and the teeniest little blue flowers,but.........

Don't let the cute little leaves and flower deceive you.I made the mistake of bringing home a sprig of this dreadful plant 30 years ago, and have been sorry every since.And you are right Nancy Nothing will kill it.Not even Round Up or a hot fire. If you have areas that need a ground cover,that you have no desire to use for anything else,go for it. It is worse than Kudzu when it comes to taking over the entire area.My youngest step daughter owns several rentals in town,but her first was a duplex in which her Mother now lives in one of the units.When Carmen first bought this unit, she was in college, and the rent from one half of the duplex paid the payment on the entire duplex, thus letting her live in one half,near the college,,rent free.With her working and going to college, we,Pop and I,pitched in and helped with the painting of the two units.We were working at that time, but we still managed to spend quite a bit of time helping out.While I was there, I noticed the cute little vine, which had taken over the yard at the duplex. That in itself,should have been a clue.Little did I know that it would later become a pain in my back side.I brought it home and planted it,thus beginning many long summers of fighting with it. And Nancy is so right. Round up didn't even slow it down. I scrapped the ground and built fires on it,to no avail. I am thankful that the bulldozers did not spread it to our yard, when building our new house after the house fire. To my knowledge, it has not spread to my yard and flower beds,but then it could be lurking somewhere,and I just haven't spotted it yet.

This was once my asparagus bed, and as you can see, Creepy Creeping Charlie has taken it over.

And this was once my herb garden.
I recommend that you think long and hard before bringing it into your yard, unless you have raised gardens where he cannot get to them. He is a relentless pest,but he has a cute little vine with tiny blue blooms,if you need thick luscious ground cover in an area where nothing else will grow. Be forwarned!

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