Friday, May 6, 2011

Embarrassed But Happy!

Is it possible to be Embarrassed But Happy at the same time?Are humans capable of feeling two emotions at once?

I am embarrassed at not fulfilling my goal with my challenge this week,but I'm not throwing in the towel just yet. I hope to catch up shortly,but for now I am so happy to get my last project completed to see how much tweaking I will need to do for the future.This is the little bench I bought at the auction for $2.50. I painted it red and added a piece of wood or two, and a wooden box under the seat to hold my flower dirt.I am so happy with it, but when I make others in the future, I will modify the pattern a wee bit. The legs are too narrow and long. It will topple over too easy.So I plan to make the side pieces wider and shorter thus giving me more room for a bigger box for holding the dirt. The smaller box on this one will most likely dry out very quickly. A bigger box where the flowers go, will hold more dirt and ,hopefully, hold moisture longer.
I made another trip to the greenhouse today, and got myself a flat of red geraniums since I gave my first flat to Mom.I really need to get her some dirt tomorrow and get her flowers settled in the long white flower boxes I gave her to put them in.She should have them painted by now.She loves to paint when the weather is fitting for her to work outside.

I potted up one of my Red Geraniums in my home made pots,along with a small Veronica or two on either side. It is hard to see just yet, but if they do well, it should be a nice red,white and blue combination by the 4th of July.Wouldn't that be wonderful.

In this pot,I planted a red verbana and a blue Veronica, along side a tomato.I may be sorry I did that.

I couldn't help myself. I just had to paint these two gourds. I took them down this week and was painting them,not knowing they were occupied,and an egg fell to the ground and broke. I was sick, but I proceeded with my painting,put them back up, and low and behold,two wrens returned to the nests and continued on with their nesting after investigating to see what had happened to their happy home. I hope they continue on with out too much concern about me disrupting them.Later in the season, this mesh wire will be covered with morning glories and hummingbird vines. The red gourds should be a nice addition to all the green vines.


  1. Your plat boxes look lovely, especially the red one.

  2. Live and learn, Sue. I think your finds and craftiness are exceptional!