Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Imagination is not enough

I skimmed over the headlines this morning to see if there was anything more specific about the flooding down the Mississippi River.I ran across this link. It gave me a little better understanding of a few things,since it is impossible to even imagine what is happening with the massive amount of water that is making it way down the middle of the United States,destroying so many homes and crop lands as it goes. It's bad enough that homes,businesses,and precious farm land is being flooded,but it is expected to remain in many places for months.This link describes it so much better than I ever could, and even it cannot make one understand the entirety of it.all. Not only will it keep farmers from planting crops which feed ourselves and other nations,with the flooding enveloping so much of our croplands,it is hampering the movement of millions of tons of supplies already produced, and headed for their destination. It is beyond our imagination to envision the millions of tons of various grains that are shipped daily on the river,not to mention ,steel,lumber, and other precious commodities that keep this country and others running smoothly on a day to day basis.This is just one link that tells a bit of the story. There are so many others which are covering  the story as well,and this one will give you merely a glimpse of how bad it really is.
Some of my Mother's family,who reside in South Louisiana, lived through the devastating flood of 1937,and they are now much older, and frightened out of their minds,as to how bad this one will be before it is all over.


  1. that would be the Mighty Mississippi, hope it recedes soon sue

  2. Sue-My sis and brother live in the northeastern part of the state so they aren't affected directly. but ....