Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just for You,Terry!

These are the soaps I have used from Terry's BlueMoon Soaps..
 Terry, I just had to tell you. I took a really good bath last night with a few small pieces of your soap. I don't really know which fragrances I used. I had a small dish with a collection of several tiny pieces.You know how the bars will end up a bit too small to use alone.So I grabbed up a few pieces and used them together on my sponge.I even used it to wash my hair.I had been reading a blog where one of the lady bloggers was trying to get away from the store bought shampoos and making her own.I got to wondering what your soap would do for my hair.So I tried it. It seemed to do OK,although it did feel a bit different when I was rinsing it out.It wasn't silky feeling like the shampoo usually leaves it, when rinsing. I guess it didn't strip all the natural oil out of the hair. That was the blogger lady's purpose for using her home made version of shampoo.But,for once, I towel dried my hair the best I could(I usually use a blow dryer),but I was a bit concerned about going to bed with a wet head.Seems like that brings on a cold for me. Nevertheless, I went on to bed,but kept running my fingers through my hair to hurry it up drying, and it felt like baby's hair. It was so soft and light. I was amazed.And the fragrance. I snuggled up in bed and I could smell the fragrance of the soap so plain.It was heavenly to fall asleep with the lovely fragrance of the soap filling the air. That got me to wondering if it might be possible to use a little of your soap in my laundry. I love a little fragrance in my linens.I had just bought a set of flannel bed linens at the auction for $6. I was so proud of them. I laundered them in my regular laundry detergent,but it didn't leave the wonderful fragrance like I'd hoped it would.It would have been nice to have hung them outdoors to dry,had I had my line poles set up,which I don't yet.Outdoor line dried linens smell great,too,but next to that,I think,I like the fragrance of your soap. I may give it a try. What do you think?

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  1. Hey Sue-I'm just now back on the computer. Spent most of Friday at 2 different Dr.'s offices trying to fix this ear problem. Have to go back to the ENT this Friday to see if the treatment is working.
    Saturday cooking for the week and Sunday making soap & doing the bills.

    As to the soap, I grate it up, put it in a double boiler on the stove add a little water, stir often and let it melt. It turns into a gel. I put it into a large plastic bowl with a lid & scoop out enough for my hair.
    For the laundry I do the same. If I don't have time to grate & melt I just use store bought.

    It's almost 8:00 so I have to get to work, I'll talk to you later.