Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Family


My Family from

       The first group represents my youngest step daughter,Carmen, and her husband,David, and their two children,Leah and John. The second couple represents myself,Meemaw, and Pop.The third couple represents my older step daughter,Rhonda and her husband,Marc.

I ran across this site where you can assemble your own family images and I am so glad I found it. It is amazing.I found it through this blog.   but you know how you'll start out reading one blog then they'll recommend another, and then another. I get myself lost on occasion just blog hopping,but it's because I keep finding interesting stuff that pulls me away to go and see what something is all about.I think I was reading one blog about quotes, and the mother recommended checking out her daughter's blog with all of her teenage quotes,and you know how I love quotes,and that where I found the silhouette of a family that you can customize to fit your own family. Hop over and give it a try. It's loads of fun.It's from .

I am so happy to say I have learned something new today.That makes it a better day.

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