Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming out of the Woodwork.

No,it's not termites,but that's another story.

It's all the new and tempting projects suggested that are coming out of the woodwork. Brendie has given me another idea for a project, as has Birddoc. Thanks,Birddoc and Brendie. I'll add your two ideas to my never ending list of things I'd like to do one day.

Birddoc suggested going into the miniature egg production business.I think I would enjoy dabbling in that,since my quail have started laying. Six eggs already, and I have 21 quail.There could be lots more eggs soon.I just sent off an order yesterday for more painting supplies. I dabble with paint a little, but mostly in the winter, when there is nothing else I can or want to do outside in the cold.Taken care of my pets is the limit to my outdoor duties during the winter season.Well, I do help get in the wood for the wood stove, but it's right out the basement door, on the carport.Pop sees to that. He says as long as he is able, we will burn wood.

Brenda put the bug in my ear about the recipes. I have bagoodles of stored away-slightly burned-cookbooks,in my shed. She has given me another idea. Giving out recipes. Maybe as postcards. That sounds like a good idea. I have so many books that went through the fire, that are just slightly burned.I guess they were packed in those bookcases so tight when we had the house fire,the fire and then the water from the fire department did not destroy them totally,but they were damaged too bad to use them in a usual manner.My family was helping me every spare minute they could and most days, they helped whether they had time to spare or not.They were always there to help.We laid the books out on the yard for days, drying them.They were soaked from the water that was used putting out the fire.We were having a drought at that time,so there was no danger of more water getting on them.A slight wind kept trying to blow them away,but no rain or dew.When they were totally dry,they were stored away in boxes. It has been four years June 8, and I still have not made any decisions as to what to do with the burned books.I feel they are like part of me. I can't bear to throw them away.There are so many possibilities,but I just haven't forced myself to think about doing anything with them yet.I keep thinking I'll figure out a way to use them in some way,some day. This could be the day.I'll add this idea to my endless list of Things I want to do someday.


  1. I'm thinking collage. You are so good with wood why not collage them on to your planters and seal them off with clear paint?

    The weather is getting worse, I need to check and see if I really do need to get in the closet!

    Oh yeah, I like the bigger font, easier on my eyes!

  2. oooh i like the idea of recipe postcards sue, you could be on to something big there, bet u could sell those. just a photograph of the burnt pages made into a card, very chic!! you could approach a fancy restaurant to see if they would like quail eggs too