Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Chilly Rainy Day

The weather has took a turn here lately,from the blazing hot 90's, to the chilly rainy 50's.I did work right on in it the drizzle,for a day or two,but it was a lot warmer. A perfect time for me to be rearranging lots of flowers. I seem to find places that need more flowers or some that need less, but regardless of which, the cooler, rainy days are a good time to transplant.I cleaned a few flowerbeds, and dug up a wheelbarrow full of orange day lilies.I had no plan for them,except maybe to pitch them along the roadside,but the older step daughter dropped by just in time and took them off my hands. I was glad she could use them. Today the constant drizzle is much too cold to be out there trying to do anything.

We went out for our usual Sunday breakfast, and  since the kids did not call to come over, we spent more time than normal,just visiting with the locals at the restaurant.Pop and I are both big talkers,and I had no need to rush home today,so that was no problem.We talked on.I got acquainted with a fellow in the community who raises and sells produce at the surrounding Farmers Markets. Now is the time for strawberries, so we had a lengthy discussion on that. I learned a great deal from him. He is a member of the North Carolina Strawberry Association. Who knew there was a Strawberry Association?He told me quite a bit about his methods of growing them, and the kinds he raises. I was amazed at all there is to know about the subject.He has several varieties he's growing this year. He will be bringing me a quart of two different types tomorrow.The ladies who buy from him say they are so sweet, they only require half the sugar when making the freezer jam.With sugar being so expensive, I am willing to give them a try.I don't like my jams and jellies quite as sweet nowadays anyway.

I was fascinated with the fact that he doesn't grow the berries the way I had always thought folks did. He orders 1,000 to 1,500 plants of his preference, and raises berries off them for one or two seasons, then rips them out and orders new plants for the following year.I had no idea folks raised them like that. He puts them in little ridges which he covers completely with plastic.Then he cuts holes in the rows every 14 inches apart to set out his plants.I talked with him for at least an hour, and would gladly stayed longer, but this time Pop was ready to go. I think the fact that I was talking to another fellow might have played a part in his hurry,although he would never own up to it.He's not the only one who can carry on a conversation for hours with the opposite sex.I just don't make a habit of it when we're out together.I'm no dummy.

I have several different types of strawberries,which I have acquired over the years, but I never put a whole lot of effort into mastering the raising of them. It always seemed like more work than raising tobacco, and I've had all of that I want. My back could not stand it,anyway, but I will try a little harder to do better with my few berries next year,but only a very few,just to see if I can.They say 25 plants will furnish a family of two for a season.(I guess that means if they are managed properly) We'll see.If all else fails, there's always the Amish a few miles away.

The above picture is a few of the plaques I've been working on today,for my little area behind Pop's pouting room. It was once a dog pen.Now it's my combination Potting Place,chick and quail nursery,rabbit pen, and soon to be composting worm factory.It's coming along nicely.but slowly.I've done some landscaping around it, and topped it with a temporary roof to shelter the pets from the sun and rain.They all seem vcry happy in their new home.

My rooster,Ellie Mae is back on track. He had a really scary spell there for awhile.We think he had a stroke,but he is much better now.He is crowing and going on with his manly duties once again. He had quit both for awhile there,he was so poorly.Now I have brought a bainty chick inside. I am trying to nurse it back to health. It got wet and contracted a cold. I have kept it under a light in the bathroom, and can only get it to drink a little occasionally,so I've fixed him an echinasea and powdered protein drink. Hopefully, that will give him enough strength to get over the cold.We lost one of the regular baby chicks one night.I had no chance to help it,but I am giving this one my best shot at trying to save it.I think these wet chilly days and nights are hurting them.Baby Chicks don't do well under those circumstances when raised with out a mother.We were hoping these 2  Mother hens would keep their chicks warm and safe,but it's not happening. for them all.
Oh well,ce qui sera, sera.What will be,will.


  1. I am not enjoying our recent turn in the weather. It seems the weather is in an extreme state all of the time. Have had to turn the heat back on!

  2. The sun finally came out today around 3:00 pm, but we have a frost warning tonight. Good thing I haven't put any of the garden plants out yet.

  3. I like your signs Sue.
    Our weather has been great, chilly nights and warm days. Had a good rain early last week.