Saturday, May 28, 2011

Letter to the Family

Today was my day with Mom. I called ahead, so she was dressed and ready to go. We went by the feed store and picked up a few items for my baby chickens and quail. I got some information on a fellow who raised the quail I bought at the local auction. I hope to pick his brain about his experiences with quail. I think he raises them on a regular basis.I purchased a couple of quail water bottles and something to go in their water for better health.I got Turkey crumbles. That's is what they said he uses. I picked up 4 more tomato plants,German Johnson's,and 4 broccoli plants. I can't resist buying more plants.
Then I took Mom to get a new piece of linoleum today,for her kitchen ( 9 X 12). I put it down for her. It looks really good. It's an amber like color with a slight hint of green mingled throughout. She's started painting her cabinets a medium green. They are really streaked, but hopefully I can do a little touch up on them with a good brush.They should look fine. I need to put some molding around the baseboards and cabinets next, to secure the rug down good. The fellow at the store said it was a really good linoleum so it shouldn't need any glue. It seems fine without it,but I will use some of my woodwork tools,hopefully, to make her some type of moldings that will work. She hates to spend the money for such luxuries..

We discussed her getting an area rug now to go under her table, but she is so afraid of getting her toe hung under any kind of rug, she'd rather not,since it would need to be out a bit in her path,between the living room and the kitchen. She's probably right on that. She trips and falls a lot anyway.
I plan to make her a new wooden top for a couple of small cabinets she has behind the table.She uses anything she can find for cabinets, so the new top will hide the makeshift cabinets,plus give her a little more counter space.I plan to use a wide oak board we got from the Amish sawmill, and run it through the planer, and use my new router for a nice edge on it,then apply a good thick coat of polyurethane.She doesn't have much space in that garage apartment of hers,but that's the way she likes it. She utilizes every inch, which makes it a bit crowded, but she feels safe and secure, and that's all that matters.

I helped her to fill her two window boxes today.We got orange Rose moss. That was the only color they had where we shopped, but we both liked the color. I left 2 morning glories,reseeded from last year, in the one box under her window,The other box is on her deck railing. I put 2 rose moss and a new plant,Ipomoea,or something like that. It's just maroon leaves kinda like the ornamental sweet potato. I hope they fill out pretty for her. The orange moss and the blue morning glories should be pretty together,since they're opposite colors.I planted her a tomato and 4 cabbages. I think she feels better when she has something to attend to. She got herself some weed killer. It is worrying her to death that the neighbor won't trim his side of the fence. She said she'd fix it.She'll just spray poison on it.I hope those new owners don't call the law on her.
She has a wren, building in the little birdhouse I put up for her.I think she enjoys watching it,although she'd rather die than admit it.I tried putting up bird feeders for her,to watch the birds, for the last few years, but she complains about the cost of bird seed.
Pop met us in town around noon, to pick up Mom's rug, and a new recliner I had bought. We ate lunch with him at McDonald's, before doing our shopping.Then he went on and delivered the rug to Mom's house, and then on home with the new recliner.
Vicki,We tried to tape something for you while I was there. We talked and carried on for about an hour while we worked, only to find it was not rewound and NOTHING GOT RECORDED ON THE TAPE.
I told her maybe Rita will try to tape something with her when she comes to mow next week.
Mom use to do all of those kinds of things. Use the tape player, recorder,VCR.She loves her music.But she has lost all ability to use anything like that now,but then, I guess at 85, we may do the same.

We tried to take our usual nap, but decided to listen to Vicki's tape instead. We had a piece of Pecan pie together,but wee forgot the ice cream. I think we were both too tired from our full day.Then I headed home to get my chores done, but Pop and I were both too tired to go to the auction.We just pulled up a couple of chairs and watched the Purple Martins for a spell. Our two young Martins have built in the bluebird box and have laid 2 eggs. It amazes us to no end at this young pair, doing the things they do,off to themselves.Strange behavior for Martins anyway. Another full day comes to a close. Later!

I started this as an email, but since I have several family members who read my blog, I figured, What the Heck! I'll make it my post for today. I hope I've not bored the rest of my blogger friends too bad.Thanks to everyone who has been following us along throughout our day.Good Night!


  1. I enjoyed hearing about your day. Thanks for taking me along.

  2. Me too Sue, you are such a great daughter. I'm glad you still have your mom to fuss over.