Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Food,Good Friends,Good Fun

We were invited to check out a cabin built by a friend, down on Roundstone Creek.The farm where the cabin is located is in Hart county,the next county south of us.A lot of Rural Hart County is nothing more than woods and big hollers with creeks running throughout.Once thought of as not being worth much,but any more it seems to be a haven for folks wanting to get out of the big towns like Louisville, and get back to nature. Most of the land in that area is so far off the main roads, there is a problem getting electricity to it.I guess to a true camper, that doesn't matter,but nowadays, folks are building their everyday homes back in those once deserted woods.Pop says he don't think it would be worth it to him to pay the price one would have to pay to get electricity to a cabin in that area, unless you were making it your full time home,but Lawrence is not. It's just a once in a while thing for him and his friends and family to use.I guess that's why they say,Different strokes for different folks and To each his own.Lawrence and his wife,we call her Cricket,have no children.They live the simplest life of anyone we know.The are strictly farmers, although Lawrence does hire out some,helping with the crops and chores for other farmers.I guess for the limited education they both have, and their way of life, it all works well for them. They don't require much to live their lifestyle, so if they choose to spend a little money on things they enjoy, such as the cabin,that's their prerogative.
There were several folks invited to the dinner today and each brought a dish or two. It was a little hot out today,in the 90's I think, but way down in that holler by the creek, it was really nice.A nice breeze was blowing, and there were no mosquitoes to be seen.Usually in a place like that, you get eat up by mosquitoes, but there were none there today. Lawrence says,so far,they have not been bothered by them.
The cabin was all built from lumber than was cut and sawed by Lawrence on his own property.Hart County is a little more lenient than our county. Planning and zoning would be on your back in a heart beat over that.
Lawrence seems to be a pretty good carpenter.The cabin is simple. Just one big long room.
In the center of the cabin, is the wood stove. Only used in the winter or cool mornings,of course.In one end of the cabin is the kitchen. The cabinets were saved from a demolition job he had worked on in the past, and  they have finished them.They were nice.In the opposite end of the one long room was two beds.I didn't get a good picture of that end.

Across the back, is a porch,overlooking the creek.That's Pop on the right in the tennies.He usually wears boots, so to me,he looks strange in the tennis shoes.
Several of us ended up out there on the porch, just relaxing and enjoying the view,after we had stuffed ourselves until we were miserable.

The little light strip in the mist of the dark shadow of the trees is the creek. It was down a bit today,but still running good.The water has been up to the far stump there in the picture,but no further. Even with all the rain we've had lately.Lawrence told of the fish in the creek. I think the Fish and Wildlife keep it stocked,but not being a sports enthusiast, it went over my head, as to the kind and the particulars about the fish.

Pop had been to the cabin once before,but not me. I thought we might drop off the face of the earth before we reached the cabin.I tried to take a picture to show how far down in the holler we had to go,but it is still hard to imagine by the picture. We took our 4 wheel drive truck, just in case some of the others were not able to get out of the holler.While we were eating, the cattle started walking up the hill,single file.I wish I had got a shot of them. It was so neat. For some reason, they preferred the pond at the top of the hill, instead of the creek.I did get a couple of pictures of them at the pond.
This pond was at the top of the hill, even though we still had a couple of miles to go, to get back on a main road.I doubt the water was any better in the pond,for the cattle,and it was much cooler in the holler, but the grass was much thicker and greener. That is possibly the reason they struggled up that long steep hill, in all the heat. I guess it was worth it after all,to them.All in all, we had a really nice day filled with good food, good friends, and good fun.The grandchildren chose not to come today. I'll bet they'll be sick when they hear what a good time we had.Leah especially. She is forever wanting to have a get together with lots of people and food,and we truly had both today.


  1. Love that cabin, Sue. What a great place to gather or just get away to. :)

  2. It sounds like you had a fabulous holiday weekend. What a dream it would be to have a beautiful place to retreat to from every day living. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your sweet comments about my project. I was very nervous in the video and horrified that the darn shadows really enhanced the lines and wrinkles in my face. Eeeeek!!! Take care!