Monday, May 23, 2011

My first Quail Eggs

This was taken when I first got the quail, and they are not much bigger now, but they are already laying eggs.

With all that has been going on at my place, I have neglected to research the topic of Quails to be ready for the first egg laying. Well, yesterday, I got my first egg, and I was not ready. I hurried to the shop and threw together a nesting box, not knowing if they would use it or not. The quail have become so docile, You can reach in an pick them up and they don't even try to get away. That could be bad. Now they are too tame to let go in the wild. They will surely be eaten by wild critters of every kind if I do release them,and Heaven only knows what I will be doing with more quail,especially if they hatch more babies.I suppose I could sell quail eggs to the wildlife enthusiasists.Or I could sell the adults by the pair. I could try my luck at the flea market.I'm sure there are more suckers in this world than one.Hopefully,some one else would love to experience the raising of these cute little birds.They are, indeed,a fascinating bunch to watch and tend to, on a daily basis.They make wonderful pets for kids to tend to to learn responsibility.I could put them in the freezer, but i think I'll pass on that idea.Nevertheless, I made the first box,lined it with straw, and put it in the cage. I put the first egg in the box, and within an hour, another egg appeared. Several of the quail wanted to go inside the nesting box, and I was afraid two many might try to get into the box at once, and some would smother, so I proceeded to make 3 more boxes. They love the boxes. I put in a pan of sand for them to wallow. They loved that,too. I do enjoy messing with them,but who knows how this venture will end up. I guess I'll do like my Grandson says when I ask him,"What am I going to do with you."His reply is "Just love me."So I'll probably do the same with them,Just love them! I do hope to do more research though before they lay enough eggs to set. It's a fascinating project, but I do wish the rest of the world would slow down a bit, so I can get caught up.I'm getting older and not as able to keep up with this fast pace world.There's too much happening,way to fast,and so many things left, that I want to try(but within reason).


  1. I hope this works out alright. Please keep us posted on your quail.

  2. I know what you mean, Sue. Just not enough time. Makes my head spin some days, I have so much to do.

    Have fun with your quail babies. :)

  3. How exciting, you could go into the miniature egg industry????

  4. Wow Sue quail eggs? How exotic! Are they very big?
    Like you, I too wish things would slow down just a little.

  5. my MIL used to raise quails, apparently you need about 100 eggs to make an omelet lol.
    i nearly missed this post, so much reading to do on blogs in the last few days.