Monday, June 20, 2011

...and they said it would never happen.

We had the grandchildren over today, and while we were all gathering at Pop's pouting room,preparing to go to the Hart County Produce Auction,John, the grand son comes running in saying,"Meemaw,come quick I hear baby birds in the Bluebird box."Sure enough we investigated, and the Purple Martin's eggs had hatched.We have been watching them ever so closely, since everyone swore they wouldn't build in the Bluebird box in the first place. We knew better, because we watch them daily,going about their housekeeping chores,collecting whatever was necessary to make the nest as comfy as possible for their expected young ones. It has been such a delight watching them. Now if only they can get them grown enough to fly away without being eaten by the cats and dogs.I worry so about them being that low to the ground. I attached a section of hog wire fencing around the tree trunk to keep the cats from climbing, but then I noticed the male cat,Lucky, could jump as high as the birdhouse anyway. Who would have guessed, especially with him weighing right at 16-18 pounds. I moved the Bluebird box up on the tree about a foot more,in hopes that would help. Then I got worried the babies would have no place close by on which to perch and rest while they were first  learning to fly. I have noticed  the older Martin's hatching and raising their young, and their babies would practice flying in short flights, then fly back to their perch.Hence, I moved the hummingbird feeder frame closer to the tree,thus giving these babies something closer to light upon while learning.I have never seen a young Martin go to the ground while learning to fly. It seems they are always very careful, not to let that happen, but there is always that chance that they might.We will continue to watch this batch of young Martins for the next few days. I may have to keep the cats confined until the baby birds get their wings.We'll see what happens!


  1. Hey Sue, Great, and I love the photo. Everything looks so lush and green.
    We're in a major rainfall shortage here.
    We're getting a little this morning though thank God.

    I tried to comment last night but my computer crashed Sunday and after much fiddling it's running but very slow.
    I'm at work now so I thought I'd check in real quick.

  2. Isn't that cool? I guess the Martins will take what they can get when there is a housing shortage. :)