Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Motivation!

I'm still tweaking my Potting Place,but this is the latest view.

I've heard Pop tell folks how I can jump right out of bed, wide awake,and ready to go about my day, instantly.This is usually true on the mornings that I am thinking about a plan that I have for my day. That gets me motivated quicker than any cup of coffee.He will sit and smoke and mull over his first cup of coffee for an hour sometimes, trying to get himself going. Unless maybe, it is Wednesday, then he gets motivated a little quicker. That's Flea Market Day.He meets with his daughter for breakfast,while catching up on all the latest gossip,and then they spend some time browsing through the Flea Market, talking to folks they know and some they don't, then off to Walmart to pick up a few items. That's their big day together.

As for myself, I will take a day in my yard, in my garden, or with my crafts, any day, over the Flea Market. When I'm  thinking about a project I want to get into,I can jump right out of bed and get started.The mornings are usually cooler, therefore I can get a lot of work done, before it gets too hot. If only I didn't have to waste time cooking breakfast. Pop will cook,if I ask him to, but I feel like I am imposing,so I rarely ever ask. Today being Wednesday, he will eat out with Rhonda,the older of his two daughters,so the morning is mine,but I have already been hearing thunder. If the weather is not too bad,I will go ahead and work out in it,but if there is lightening and thunder,no way.I'll stay indoors and do some dreaded house work(if I must,)or work on my computer.

My main project lately has been constructing my Potting Place. I am so excited about the progress I have made on it already and I have so many other ideas for making it better.Who would have thought a dog pen could turn into such a fun place.I have not needed to buy any new materials to work on it,so far. We have had  just about everything I have needed,just lying around the property,although I did buy a five gallon bucket of white paint for general use anywhere needed on the property. I use a lot of white paint.Most of the projects I work with do not hold my attention this long, but this particular one has held me captive for a couple of weeks so far. I think this is the most exciting project I have worked with for awhile.I have so many of Pop's tools tied up,he is getting a bit testy over the matter.Whenever he needs anything, I usually have it,working on my project.

Well, a slight shower came and went.A little more thunder and distant lightening than I preferred, so I waited,for the most part, till it passed. I double checked my Potting Place to make sure the temporary overhead covering(a lightweight tarpaulin) would withstand the wind,should there be any. Thank goodness, there was no wind. I only hope I can get my permanent overhead covering up before too much longer, and for that part of the project, I may need to buy a few things.

I looks like we may get a few showers off and on throughout the day, so I will take a break,and go to the local greenhouse,and pick up a few summer drought resistant annuals. I need some color in the yard. That keeps me motivated as well, and I need all the motivation I can get,when those really hot days kill every living thing in the yard.


  1. Sue-Tried to comment at lunch but the computer wouldn't let me!
    Anyway, looks great, what are you going to use as the roof?

  2. I love projects that I don't have to buy anything for! That keeps me motivated. If I have to buy something, I lose interest.