Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Alarm Needed!

I've written about this before and I am sure it's hard for most folks to believe, but it works for me.I am 63 years of age, and have numerous aches and pains stemming from the many years of abuse I have inflicted upon my body throughout the years. I have tackled every job I've had,always in a hurry to get things done, and not always using the best judgment regarding the right way of going about it,thus I am paying the piper now. My back being the worst problem of all.But even with all of the common complaints of people my age,I only need to awaken each morning with a visual image of what I want to get into that day, and I am ready to jump right up and get to it.My aches and pains are history for the moment. I have read that your body produces substances called endorphins at times when you are happy and/or excited about something,and these substances soothes ones pain.I believe that is what happens when I begin thinking of a new project I want to get into.I have so many projects to work with at any given moment,but that doesn't keep me from thinking of another.Most of the projects I work with, are those that I have worked with previously, but I feel I have discovered a better way.
The project that came to my mind this morning, and got my endorphins going,involved my twin sheds.Years ago, when I first purchased the second shed,I had the two placed side by side,leaving a space between them,for a work area.Since then,as things go around here, I had to convert the space between the two sheds to a goat pen for a couple of years.Now that we no longer have the goats, I have turned my thoughts back to utilizing the space for something I wanted in the beginning.A work area between the two sheds for sorting and working with my collectibles from within the sheds. In the meanwhile, a tree or two have grown up in that area, and trees are so nice during those hot days of  summer, I am torn as to how to incorporate them into my plan.This is a project that I have been studying about alot here lately.During the growing season, the yard takes most of my time, and then there is the menagerie of pets I must attend to.Not to mention baby sitting the grandchildren on occasion,and tending to Mom's needs once a week, or whenever she calls.And, of course,there's housework and canning the produce from the garden.Not a lot of time to work out of my two sheds.And,too,the Summer is too hot, and the Winter is too cold, since I don't have heating and cooling out there.Not yet,anyway. That's another project,another day.

Nevertheless, I awoke this morning, thinking about the landscaping around the twin sheds. I have always used mulch in the past.Red mulch is my favorite. When we lived in our original house, I remember looking out the bay window at the two sheds, and envisioning a flowerbed encircling the area at their entrance,covered with red mulch.I wasted no time getting that done.It looked just as I had envisioned it as I looked out my bay window at my handy work. I loved the way it looked.Then everything blew up in our face when we had the house and garage fire in 2007. So many of my plans had to take a back seat to the more urgent tasks at hand,like getting another home set up.It's been four years this month, since the fire, and we have things, pretty much, back on track, but owning a home and a piece of property requires constant attention.The things I do to occupy my time is just play, and everyone knows,the work comes first.

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  1. its good to have a reason to get up in the morning for sue. positive attitude can overcome alot, i see it with the clients i go to. love to see what you end up doing around the sheds and trees