Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is Anyone There?

I stumbled across this blog yesterday, while trying to find a solution to one of my Blogging problems. My Followers have disappeared.Somewhere I read that I should try Chrome, and see if my Followers returned.I tried Chrome and,sure enough,they did return.But only while I was in the trial for Chrome. I went in and set my browser default as Chrome,but the followers are not appearing on my blog.So what is the deal now?Can anyone help me with this?

I hope this blog listed below is a legitimate blog,since I am reading it over and trying to learn how to correct things with my blog. Is anyone else following this blog?


  1. My followers list disappeared for about a week and then it showed up again. Sorry I'm no help.

  2. They are there only if I pull up my blog via Google Chrome,but not there when I get on my blog as I use to.

  3. i can see them, i had to remove google chrome as it stuffed so many things up, im now using firefox mozilla as my browser

  4. I noticed my followers disappeared a few weeks ago too along with my recent comment sidebar.
    I went to editing and removed both saved that and then went in again and added the two back, saved that, seemed to work for me.