Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Tooth Fairy Needed Here

Today I had something to happen to me, that was a first, and hopefully a last for me. I have always been very self conscious about letting anyone see me without me teeth. Well, I may have to stay in for a few days.  I fixed a big plate of corn on the cob today and took it to Pop's pouting room to enjoy it with him while we watched "The Virginian" together.(no coffee drinkers showed up today)We were eating our corn on the cob, and I remember having a quick thought as to whether or not one of my teeth would hold up.I had to glue one of them in a couple of times this past week with crazy glue. Dentist appointments are unreal.  I know because I had two last week.One office call with x-rays was $83. and one,not even seeing the dentist, was $75. So I figured I'd try to glue it back in myself. They frown on that, I know,but I am not exactly crazy about their prices either,so they'll have to deal with it.Nevertheless, as I was eating the corn, I noticed my tooth was gone,and I don't mean loose in my mouth, as it has been a few times in the past,I mean GONE. I'd swallowed it. The best I remember, the tooth had no sharp edges, so I don't suppose there is any danger of it puncturing anything on it's way through, but now I must deal with others seeing me without my tooth,at least until I can get it replaced. I have an appointment in the morning,Thank God, to have another real tooth filled.Hopefully he can replace my lost tooth, but knowing the way things go these days, he will probably make three more appointments out of the lost tooth ordeal, and I'll have to come back in a day or two, to have a new tooth put in.

Sorry,no pictures today.


  1. Oh dear! Makes me giggle, my 5 yr old lost his first tooth when he swallowed it while eating an apple.

    Hope they don't sting you too much for your appt tomorrow.

  2. I hear ya Sue, medical visit costs are unreal.
    My ear stuff set me back a bit, nothing you can do though.