Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Orange Peels!Who Knew?

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I found this great tip on one of Martha Stewart's blogs (6-14-2011 Today's Five Must Do's.)She has so much great information. If you go there, you can easily get turned around and fail to find you way back. I did.I found these helpful tips and really wanted to share them for others to try. They sound like winners.She has so many helpful tips(even if you're not a big fan of hers.)

While orange peels aren't all that great for eating, they still come in great use around the house. Here are three simple ways to use leftover orange peel:
  • Because of its high content of flammable oil, dried peel makes a great fire starter.
  • Cats don't like the smell of orange peel, so you can place it around plants where you don't want cats digging.
  • Use dried orange peel to remove musty smells by placing it in a cloth bag and storing it in closets and cupboards.
  • Orange zest can be dried overnight and then stored in airtight bottles for future use.

I must go call Mom,now. She has a really bad cat problem in her community.


  1. Interesting Sue. I didn't know about the firestarters or cats not liking orange smell. Great tips.

  2. That potting area is amazing. Oranges huh?